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Your Guide to Surfing in Costa Rica 

May 28, 2024
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
Your Guide to Surfing in Costa Rica 

In the heart of Central America, wrapped by vast oceans on two sides, lies Costa Rica—a sanctuary where the rainforest meets the sea. This tropical haven is celebrated not only for its lush canopies and exotic wildlife but also as the home of some of the most sought-after waves in the world. 

Surfing in Costa Rica is more than a sport; it’s a pilgrimage for the wave-weary, who traverse continents to find themselves on these shores. Here, where the Pacific’s mighty swells greet the tranquil Caribbean, surfers find their haven. Each wave, rolling in like a perfectly timed whisper from Poseidon, promises an adventure. 

Costa Rica offers a spectrum of surfing experiences to those who ask, “What is Costa Rica known for?” The answer extends far beyond its natural wonders, positioning it as a premier destination for surfers around the world.  

A place where each beach tells a story and every tide brings a new challenge, it is one of the best places to surf, not just in the Americas but the entire world. 

Best surfing in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica is a Top Surfing Destination? 

Renowned for some of the best surfing in the world, Costa Rica boasts over 1,200 km of dynamic coastline across the Caribbean and the Pacific. The consistency of the waves ensures year-round opportunities for surfers at every level—from beginners to seasoned experts. 

The appeal of surfing in Costa Rica isn’t just about the waves; it’s also in the warm, crystal-clear waters that average 27°C (80°F).  

Each coastal region offers distinct surfing conditions, creating a varied experience that competes with any premier global surfing spot. From the bustling beaches of Tamarindo to the secluded shores of Pavones, every location presents a unique chapter in the surfer’s journey. 

Moreover, Costa Rica surfing adventures extend beyond the waves. As one of the top things to do in Costa Rica, surfing is woven into a broader tapestry of activities, including exploring the local culture and lush rainforests.  

The country’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism ensures the pristine beauty of these spots remains untouched for future visitors. 

Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica  

This tropical paradise has become a heaven, offering some of the best places to surf in Costa Rica. With its diverse coastline stretching from the Caribbean to the Pacific, you get some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica, offering incredible opportunities to everyone—whether you’re looking for challenging big waves or gentler swells perfect for beginners. 

Surfing is not just one of the many exhilarating water activities in Costa Rica; it draws visitors year-round, making it an ideal destination no matter the season.  

Here’s a closer look at some of the top Costa Rica surf spots, highlighting the best time of year to travel for surfing and what else you can do nearby: 

Name Location Best Time to Visit for Surfing Other Activities to Do 
Playa Naranjo (Witch’s Rock) Northern Pacific Coast December to April (Dry season) Snorkeling, Fishing, & Wildlife tours 
Playa Grande North of Tamarindo December to April (Dry season) Leatherback turtle watching and Kayaking 
Playa Tamarindo Guanacaste Province May to October (Wet season) Eco-tours, Nightlife, and Shopping 
Playa Avellanas Guanacaste Province May to October (Wet season) Yoga retreats and Horseback riding 
Playa Negra Guanacaste Province December to April (Dry season) Mountain biking and Hiking 
Playa Guiones Nicoya Peninsula May to October (Wet season) Wellness retreats and SUP 
Playa Manzanillo Southern Caribbean Coast December to March (Dry season) Snorkeling and Cultural tours in Costa Rica 
Playa Santa Teresa Nicoya Peninsula May to October (Wet season) ATV tours and Zip-lining 
Mal Pais Nicoya Peninsula May to October (Wet season) Fishing and Scuba diving 
Boca Barranca Near Puntarenas May to October (Wet season) Bird watching and Nature hikes 
Playa Jacó Central Pacific Coast May to November (Wet season) Surf schools and Nightlife 
Playa Hermosa South of Playa Jacó May to November (Wet season) Surf competitions and Beach yoga 
Playa Dominical Southern Pacific Coast May to November (Wet season) Wildlife watching and Waterfall tours 

Each location not only provides a thrilling surfing experience but also a range of other activities that can enrich your visit, making each destination worth exploring beyond the waves.  

Costa Rica Surfing

Surfing Seasons and Conditions in Costa Rica 

Understanding the best times to surf in Costa Rica is essential when planning your trip. The country offers distinct seasons with varied climatic zones and weather conditions that can significantly enhance your experience.  

Dry Season (December to April) 

The dry season is the best time to surf in Costa Rica due to its favorable weather and reliable wave conditions. During these months, the Northwest Pacific coast enjoys offshore winds that create ideal, clean waves suitable for surfers of all skill levels. 

Wet Season (May to November) 

The wet season brings larger, more powerful swells for those looking for challenges, particularly on the Caribbean coast. This time is preferred by experienced surfers seeking more adventurous and challenging waves. The southern Pacific coast also sees impressive swells during this period, offering some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. 

Planning your visit during these optimal surfing seasons will ensure you experience the best conditions Costa Rica offers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, the country’s diverse coastlines provide perfect waves almost all year round. 

Planning Your Surf Trip 

Planning a Costa Rica surf trip involves more than just picking the suitable beach; it’s about creating a holistic experience that captures the essence of this vibrant country.  

Here’s how to make the most of your journey, whether you’re paddling out into the surf for the first time or are a seasoned pro. 

Travel and Accommodation 

Costa Rica offers a range of accommodations, from luxury villas in Costa Rica to cozy beachside resorts catering to surfers of all types. Staying close to the surf spots known for the best surfing in Costa Rica ensures that you maximize your time catching waves. Many surf camps offer inclusive packages that cover lessons, equipment, and meals, providing a comprehensive surf experience. 


Renting a car is often the most flexible way to explore surf spots, especially those less accessible by public transport. Alternatively, hiring a local Costa Rica tour guide who specializes in surf trips can be an excellent way to navigate the area while focusing on your surfing. 

Surf Schools, Rental Shops, and Surf Camps 

Local surf schools and surf camps in Costa Rica offer various surf lessons suitable for all skill levels. These camps often include accommodations near top surf spots, providing an immersive surfing experience.  

Rental shops are abundant, offering everything from boards to wetsuits, ensuring you have the necessary gear. Whether learning new techniques, honing your skills, or simply needing the right equipment, these surf lessons in Costa Rica cater to every surfer’s needs.  

Safety and Environmental Considerations 

Respecting local surfing etiquette and prioritizing safety by staying informed about the ocean’s conditions and local wildlife is crucial. As surfers, contributing to keeping beaches pristine is vital. Engage in eco-friendly practices to help preserve these beautiful spots for future visitors. 

Other Popular Attractions 

Enhance your surf trip with activities like whale watching in Costa Rica, particularly during the migration seasons in August to October and December to April.  

The country’s allure also attracts famous celebrities in Costa Rica, many of whom enjoy the tranquility and beauty of its beaches and landscapes. 

Surfing in Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s reputation for surfing is well-deserved, with spots like Witch’s Rock and Hermosa Beach offering the best surf experience to visitors.  

To truly elevate your surf trip, consider the unique experience of staying in a luxury villa in Costa Rica. Such accommodations not only offer comfort and privacy but enhance your stay with stunning views, immediate beach access, and high-quality amenities, making them perfect for both relaxation and adventure. 

Whether taking surf lessons, staying in surf camps, exploring the best places in Costa Rica to surf, or simply soaking in the rich biodiversity and laid-back culture, a luxury villa provides the perfect base. It combines the surfing adventure with the serenity and luxury that only such exclusive accommodations can offer.  

Costa Rica beckons not just as a surfing destination but as a holistic experience where adventure meets tranquility. Whether it’s the waves, the wildlife, or the welcoming culture, every time is the best time of year to travel to Costa Rica for a trip that offers something magical that goes beyond the ordinary—especially when you choose to enhance your stay with a touch of luxury.  

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