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Celebrities Who Have Made Costa Rica Their Second Home

November 23, 2022
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
Celebrities Who Have Made Costa Rica Their Second Home

The small Central American nation of Costa Rica has attracted many celebrities, from well-known actors and musicians to talented athletes and stunning supermodels. Some prefer to visit Costa Rica for a weekend getaway, like the Kardashian-Jenner family. However, others make it their permanent home away from home, like NFL quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen.   

Read on to know which stars love visiting Costa Rica and which have purchased a property in the country to enjoy their breaks.     

Why is Costa Rica Famous Among Celebrities?    

Privacy is one of the main reasons celebrities and the elite prefer Costa Rica as their home away from home or as their favorite vacation spot. Celebrities visit Costa Rica for its tropical beauty, for sure. Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The stunning biodiversity, beautiful national parks, protected reserves, and warm climate of Costa Rica drive celebrities to this famous country. It provides an unparalleled tropical vacation experience with its golden beaches, exotic wildlife, and ample opportunities to enjoy adventure and eco-tourism.     

Of course, it’s all about stunning beaches, lush greenery, pleasant atmosphere, and warm hospitality, but the most crucial thing celebrities get here is privacy. Celebrities value and appreciate a private, secluded, and comfortable environment, so they prefer to stay only in private, hidden farms accessible via helicopter or boat. And whenever they are out in public to explore Costa Rica, they are in their bathing suits, with their hair down, hats and sunglasses on, and surfboards in hand; they blend in perfectly with the Costa Rican crowd and become inconspicuous.   

Celebrities Who Have Their Vacation Home in Costa Rica   

What celebrities love the most about Costa Rica is its world-class food, endless stretches of sandy beaches, and pleasant breeze. Therefore, many have their vacation homes in this tropical paradise. Here, we have shared a list of seven famous personalities who are frequent visitors to Costa Rica.  

1. Mel Gibson   

Mel Gibson has a stunning property in Mal Pais, Puntarenas, situated in the jungle hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Mel enjoys walking around his property and taking care of his garden. Locals have seen him exploring the town and enjoying local dishes as well.   

2. Mark Zuckerberg   

According to locals, Mark Zuckerberg bought a gorgeous property in Costa Rica, enclosed by a tall, charred fence. The property is located along the coastline close to Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa. Locals have also seen Zuckerberg jogging on the beach. According to the locals, he is a very quiet resident who neighbors rarely see.   

3. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen   

With a property facing Playa Hermosa de Santa Teresa, one of the most stunning beaches in the world, it was no surprise seeing Tom Brady enjoying the waves with his ex-wife. Together, they soaked up the Costa Rican sunshine on Playa Hermosa and spent their vacation ziplining and canopying.      

4. Lady Gaga   

The singing sensation, Lady Gaga, loves visiting Costa Rica now and then. And guess what? Her favorite hideaway here is none other than the Nicoya Peninsula, the Blue Zone of Costa Rica. Locals spotted her ziplining and enjoying boat rides with friends and family. Gaga keeps posting pictures of herself having fun in Costa Rica on her Instagram. Locals have also seen her arriving at the blue zone in a personal helicopter.   

5. Michelle Rodriguez   

Besides Lady Gaga, Michelle Rodriguez is another famous personality who loves to visit the Blue Zone of Costa Rica. A star from the Fast and Furious cast, Michelle Rodriguez, has often been spotted in the Nicoya Peninsula, spending her time surrounded by nature and adventure. Not only in the Blue Zone, but she has also been spotted in other beach towns of the country. Locals have even seen her enjoying local cuisine at an eatery in Santa Teresa during her visit in 2021.      

6. Tom Cruise   

A renowned American actor, Tom Cruise, also is on the long list of actors, singers, and athletes who love to visit Costa Rica. In 2022, he vacationed in the country twice and was enchanted by its tropical beauty. He has shared several images of his stay on the Pacific Coast on his Instagram account, where he arrived piloting his plane.     

7. Charlotte Flair   

The professional wrestler, author, and actress Charlotte Flair, together with her husband, the Mexican wrestler Manuel Andrade El Idolo, chose Costa Rica as their vacation spot for pleasure and entertainment. Their honeymoon on the idyllic beaches of Papagayo Peninsula and La Fortuna de San Carlos, located in the northern part of the country offering the spectacular hot springs, was loved by their Instagram followers.  

The Final Wrap Up   

The next time you’re on vacation in Costa Rica, keep an eye out for your favorite celebrity, along with sloths, macaws, and howler monkeys. And if you wish to spend your vacation like these celebrities, you can book your stay at Villa Firenze, one of the most popular all-inclusive villa rentals in Costa Rica. Here, you can enjoy a luxurious vacation without compromising privacy, security, or comfort. Villa Firenze is sure to become your favorite luxury escape in Costa Rica.    

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