Costa Rica
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A menu or pricing structure where items are individually priced, allowing customers to select and pay only for the items they choose rather than purchasing a set meal or package.
Additional services or features that can be purchased separately to complement an existing product or package.
Two or more hotel rooms located next to each other with a connecting door or in close proximity, often booked by families or groups traveling together.
A person or entity authorized to represent and act on behalf of another individual, group, or organization in business transactions or negotiations.
Transportation service that facilitates the movement of passengers between an airport and their destination, typically provided by shuttle, taxi, limousine, or private car.
A vacation package or resort stay that includes all necessary expenses such as accommodation, meals, drinks, activities, and sometimes even gratuities, providing a comprehensive experience for a fixed price.
A bundled offering that includes a variety of services or amenities for a single, upfront price, often covering accommodation, meals, activities, and sometimes transportation.
A lodging establishment that offers guests a comprehensive experience by including accommodation, meals, drinks, activities, and entertainment in the nightly rate, typically situated in popular vacation destinations.
Additional features, services, or facilities provided by a lodging establishment or travel service to enhance the comfort, convenience, and enjoyment of guests or customers.
"APAC" stands for "Asia-Pacific," referring to the region encompassing countries in Asia and the Pacific Ocean.
A stratovolcano located in Costa Rica, known for its picturesque conical shape and frequent lava flows, attracting tourists to its surrounding national park for hiking, hot springs, and other recreational activities.
The state of being accessible, vacant, or ready for use, often referring to the number of rooms, seats, or services that can be reserved or utilized within a given time period.
The average price charged for a hotel room over a specific period, calculated by dividing total room revenue by the number of rooms sold.


A trip or vacation taken by expectant parents before the birth of their child, typically focused on relaxation, pampering, and quality time together before the demands of parenthood.
The practice of purchasing two separate round-trip tickets with overlapping segments to save money compared to the cost of a single, continuous itinerary, often against airline regulations.
Personal belongings and luggage carried by travelers during their journey, including suitcases, bags, backpacks, and other items.
The maximum weight, size, or number of bags permitted for free or at a specified cost on a flight, train, or other mode of transportation, determined by the carrier's policies.
A service area within a hotel, restaurant, or entertainment venue where alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served for consumption on-site.
The standard price of a ticket or service before additional fees, taxes, surcharges, or optional extras are added.
A hotel situated directly on a beach or coastline, offering guests convenient access to the beach and ocean for recreational activities and relaxation.
A lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast as part of the room rate, often in a more intimate setting compared to larger hotels.
The total number of nights spent by guests in a hotel or lodging establishment, calculated by multiplying the number of rooms occupied by the number of nights stayed.
The variety and abundance of living organisms within a particular ecosystem, region, or planet, encompassing different species, genes, and ecosystems.
Specific dates or periods during which discounts, promotions, or special offers are not available or applicable, often during peak travel seasons or holidays.
Reserved or allocated inventory of rooms, seats, or tickets held by a travel provider for a specific group, event, or purpose, often requiring confirmation or release by a certain deadline.
A document issued by an airline or transportation provider that grants a passenger permission to board a flight or vehicle, typically containing passenger and flight information, seat assignment, and boarding time.
Hand-carved wooden masks made by the indigenous Boruca people of Costa Rica, traditionally used in ceremonial dances and festivals, now also popular as decorative and cultural souvenirs.
A small, stylish, and often independently owned hotel with a unique ambiance, personalized service, and distinctive design aesthetic, catering to discerning travelers seeking a more intimate and curated experience.
A discounted rate offered to travelers, groups, or businesses purchasing a large volume of tickets, rooms, or services in a single transaction, often negotiated directly with the provider.
A premium cabin class offered by airlines and other transportation providers, providing enhanced comfort, amenities, and services compared to economy class, typically at a higher price.


Small, rustic accommodations or cabins commonly found in rural areas or beach destinations in Costa Rica, offering basic amenities and a more authentic lodging experience.
Traditional Costa Rican coffee brewed using a cloth filter called a chorreador, allowing hot water to drip slowly over ground coffee beans, resulting in a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee.
A charge imposed by a travel provider or accommodation establishment when a reservation is canceled after a specified deadline or without proper notification, intended to compensate for lost revenue or administrative costs.
An outdoor adventure activity popular in tropical destinations like Costa Rica, involving traversing through the treetops via ziplines, suspension bridges, and platforms, offering panoramic views of the forest canopy and wildlife.
A traditional Costa Rican dish consisting of rice, black beans, plantains, salad, a protein such as chicken, beef, or fish, and often accompanied by tortillas or cornbread.
A Costa Rican variation of ceviche, a dish made with raw fish or seafood marinated in citrus juices such as lime or lemon, mixed with onions, peppers, cilantro, and other seasonings.
A small town located in Costa Rica, known for its rich biodiversity, natural reserves, and eco-tourism activities such as birdwatching, hiking, and wildlife viewing.
A publication or resource providing information and recommendations for visitors to a particular city, including attractions, restaurants, accommodations, transportation, and local customs.
An excursion or guided experience that educates visitors about the cultivation, processing, and production of coffee, often including visits to coffee plantations, roasters, and tasting sessions.
Rental accommodations consisting of individual units within a condominium complex, offering amenities and services similar to hotels but with the added space, privacy, and flexibility of a residential setting.
A reservation that has been successfully booked and confirmed by a traveler or travel agent, typically accompanied by a booking reference or confirmation number.
A flight itinerary that involves changing aircraft at an intermediate airport or stopover point to reach the final destination, requiring passengers to disembark and board a different plane.
Two hotel rooms with a connecting door or shared wall that can be booked together to accommodate larger groups or families while providing the convenience of easy access between the rooms.
A protected area located on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, renowned for its biodiversity, pristine rainforests, and diverse wildlife including jaguars, tapirs, and scarlet macaws.


A place or location to which travelers journey for tourism, leisure, business, or other purposes, often chosen for its attractions, amenities, or cultural significance.
Ancient stone spheres found in Costa Rica's Diquís Delta region, believed to have been created by indigenous cultures for purposes ranging from astronomical observations to ritual significance, now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A flight that travels directly from the departure airport to the destination airport without any intermediate stops or layovers, offering passengers a nonstop journey.
The price of a ticket or travel package for flights or services operating within the borders of a single country, typically offered at different rates than international fares.
A lodging rate based on two people sharing the same room or accommodation, typically with the price covering the cost of the room regardless of whether one or two occupants stay.


The option for guests to check into their hotel or accommodation earlier than the standard check-in time, subject to availability and possibly requiring an additional fee.
A type of accommodation designed and operated with a focus on environmental sustainability, conservation, and responsible tourism practices, often located in natural settings and offering immersive nature experiences.
Tourism activities and practices that prioritize environmental conservation, sustainability, and community involvement, aiming to minimize negative impacts on natural ecosystems and promote conservation awareness.
A digital ticket issued and stored electronically, eliminating the need for a physical paper ticket and allowing passengers to present their ticket confirmation digitally at check-in and boarding.
A traditional breakfast meal commonly served in hotels and restaurants, typically including eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast.
A service provided by travel agents or tour guides to accompany and assist travelers during their journey, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
Stands for Estimated Time of Arrival, indicating the expected time when a flight, train, or vehicle will arrive at its destination.
Stands for Estimated Time of Departure, indicating the expected time when a flight, train, or vehicle will depart from its origin or departure point.
Luggage or belongings that exceed the weight, size, or quantity limits allowed by a transportation provider, typically subject to additional fees or charges.
A discounted rate or special offer available only to a specific group, membership, or demographic, providing privileged access to certain products or services.


A discounted pricing option or package offered by hotels or airlines to families traveling with children, typically including reduced rates, complimentary meals, or other perks for children sharing accommodations with adults.
The code or identifier used by airlines and travel agencies to classify and differentiate various fare types and pricing rules associated with a particular ticket or itinerary.
A religious or cultural festival celebrated in Costa Rica, honoring the patron saint of a particular town or region with processions, music, dancing, feasting, and other festivities.
The highest cabin class offered by airlines and transportation providers, featuring luxurious amenities, spacious seating, gourmet dining, and personalized service, often at a premium price.
A program offered by airlines to reward and incentivize loyal customers who frequently fly with the airline, typically offering benefits such as mileage accrual, upgrades, priority boarding, and lounge access.
A situation where all available rooms or accommodations in a hotel, resort, or lodging establishment are occupied or booked to capacity.


The area in an aircraft where food and beverages are prepared and stored for inflight service, typically located in the rear or front of the cabin and equipped with ovens, refrigerators, and serving carts.
A traditional Costa Rican dish made with rice and black beans, flavored with onions, peppers, cilantro, and spices, often served as a breakfast staple or side dish.
The specific area within an airport terminal where passengers board their flight, typically identified by a gate number and equipped with seating, monitors, and boarding facilities.
A portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping," referring to a style of camping that combines luxurious amenities and accommodations with outdoor adventure and nature immersion.
A guided travel experience organized for a group of individuals traveling together, typically with a set itinerary, activities, and transportation arrangements.
A province located in northwestern Costa Rica, known for its beautiful beaches, national parks, biodiversity, and cultural heritage, making it a popular tourist destination.
An individual trained and knowledgeable about a particular destination, activity, or subject, responsible for leading and providing information to travelers during tours, excursions, or activities.


A large estate or plantation typically found in Latin American countries, historically used for agriculture, ranching, or production, now often converted into hotels, resorts, or cultural attractions.
A trip or vacation taken by newlywed couples to celebrate their marriage and spend quality time together, often in romantic destinations or luxury accommodations.
An inexpensive lodging option offering shared accommodations such as dormitory-style rooms or bunk beds, often favored by budget-conscious travelers, students, and backpackers.


Stands for International Air Transport Association, a global trade association representing and serving the airline industry, responsible for establishing standards and regulations for air travel.
Stands for Costa Rican Tourism Institute (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo), the government agency responsible for promoting tourism, sustainable development, and environmental conservation in Costa Rica.
A popular brand of Costa Rican beer, known for its light and refreshing taste, often enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.
The state of being en route or in the process of traveling from one location to another, typically involving a layover or stopover at an intermediate point.
A travel package or itinerary designed for visitors arriving from other countries or regions to explore and experience the attractions, culture, and activities of the destination.
A detailed plan or schedule outlining the sequence of activities, events, and travel arrangements for a trip or journey, including dates, times, locations, and reservations.


A movable connector bridge extending from an airport terminal gate to an aircraft door, allowing passengers to board and disembark directly without exposure to outdoor elements.
A temporary sleep disorder and physiological condition experienced by travelers who cross multiple time zones rapidly, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, and disorientation.
A fold-down seat typically reserved for non-revenue passengers such as flight crew, inspectors, or trainees, providing additional seating in the cockpit or cabin of an aircraft or train.


A hotel room featuring a large bed suitable for two occupants, typically larger than a queen or double bed, offering extra space and comfort.


A large urban park located in San Jose, Costa Rica, offering recreational facilities, green spaces, sports fields, and cultural attractions for residents and visitors.
Travel services, accommodations, and activities organized and provided on land as part of a vacation package or itinerary, excluding transportation by air or sea.
Travel destinations or attractions located on land, including cities, national parks, historical sites, cultural landmarks, and recreational areas.
A vacation package or tour arrangement that includes accommodations, activities, and services on land but does not include airfare or transportation to the destination.
Transportation services provided between airports, hotels, and other locations on land, often arranged as part of a travel package or tour itinerary.
An additional charge imposed by travel agencies, airlines, or hotels for making reservations within a short period before the intended travel date, often due to limited availability or increased demand.
An additional charge imposed by travel agencies, airlines, or hotels for making reservations within a short period before the intended travel date, often due to limited availability or increased demand.
Travel undertaken for recreational, relaxation, or enjoyment purposes, often involving vacation or holiday trips, sightseeing, and participation in cultural or recreational activities.
An annual carnival celebration held in Limón, Costa Rica, featuring colorful parades, music, dance, food, and cultural events, attracting locals and visitors from around the world. opulent hotel accommodation featuring upscale amenities, furnishings, and services, designed to provide an indulgent and luxurious experience for guests.


A renowned national park located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, celebrated for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, abundant wildlife, and scenic hiking trails.
The longest duration permitted for a traveler to stay at a destination or utilize a ticket or accommodation before being required to depart or make alternative arrangements.
A hospitality service provided by hotels, airports, or transportation companies to welcome and assist guests or passengers upon arrival, often including personalized greetings, luggage assistance, and transportation arrangements.
A specialized travel package or itinerary designed for attendees of meetings, conferences, conventions, or corporate events, often including accommodations, transportation, and optional tours or activities.
The shortest allowable time interval between connecting flights or transportation services, determined by airlines or transportation providers to ensure sufficient time for passengers to transfer between flights without missing their connections.
A protected area located in Costa Rica's Cordillera de Tilarán mountain range, known for its mystical cloud forests, diverse ecosystems, and rich biodiversity, attracting nature lovers and eco-tourists.
A guided travel experience or itinerary spanning multiple days, often involving visits to multiple destinations, attractions, or activities, providing a comprehensive exploration of a particular region or theme.


The base price of a ticket or travel service after deducting discounts, commissions, or markups, often used in business-to-business transactions between travel agents and suppliers.
See "Net Fare."
A situation where a traveler fails to appear for a scheduled flight, hotel reservation, or activity without canceling or providing advance notice, often resulting in forfeiture of the booking or a penalty fee.
A term indicating that a booking, ticket, or payment is not eligible for a refund if canceled or unused, typically accompanied by cancellation penalties or restrictions.
A condition indicating that a booking, ticket, or reservation cannot be transferred to another person's name or used by anyone other than the original purchaser or intended recipient.
A flight or journey that travels directly from the departure point to the destination without any intermediate stops or layovers, providing the fastest and most efficient route.


The percentage of available accommodations or seats occupied by guests or passengers within a given time period, used as a key performance indicator for hotels, airlines, and other travel providers.
A company or organization that operates and manages tours, excursions, or travel services, responsible for arranging accommodations, transportation, guides, and other logistical details for travelers.
Relating to travel or services departing from a particular location or country, typically referring to flights, tours, or packages originating from the traveler's home base.
A travel package or itinerary designed for travelers departing from their home country or city to explore and experience destinations abroad.
A traditional Costa Rican wooden cart, historically used for transporting goods and agricultural products, now also a symbol of Costa Rican culture and craftsmanship, often painted with colorful designs.


Assistance provided by travel agencies or specialized companies to help travelers obtain passports, visas, and other required travel documents for international trips.
An active stratovolcano located in central Costa Rica, notable for its large crater filled with a turquoise-colored acidic lake, accessible to visitors via hiking trails and observation points.
A popular Costa Rican phrase and cultural philosophy meaning "pure life" or "simple life," often used as a greeting, farewell, or expression of positivity, gratitude, and contentment.


The national currency of Costa Rica, named after the resplendent quetzal, a colorful bird native to Central America and revered in indigenous cultures for its beauty.


The standard or published price for a hotel room or accommodation before any discounts, promotions, or negotiated rates are applied, often displayed on the rate card or website.
A lodging establishment situated in or near a rainforest environment, offering guests a tranquil and immersive experience amidst nature, often featuring eco-friendly accommodations, guided nature tours, and sustainability initiatives.
The process of verifying or confirming the details of a reservation or booking with the travel provider or accommodation establishment, typically done shortly before the scheduled date of travel to ensure accuracy and availability.
A unique alphanumeric code assigned to a reservation or booking in the travel industry, serving as a reference number for accessing and managing itinerary details, changes, and updates.
A flight departing late at night or in the early hours of the morning and arriving at its destination in the early morning hours, often chosen for its lower fares and the ability to maximize daytime activities at the destination.
The process of updating or modifying a previously issued ticket, reservation, or travel document with changes such as flight dates, times, destinations, or passenger information, typically subject to applicable fees or penalties.
A term used colloquially in Costa Rica to refer to the local bus transportation system, consisting of a network of public buses that traverse various routes across the country, providing affordable and accessible transportation for residents and travelers.
The percentage of available rooms or accommodations that are occupied by guests within a given time period, used as a metric to assess the utilization and profitability of lodging establishments.
A journey or itinerary that involves traveling from one location to another and then returning to the original starting point, typically with the same mode of transportation, such as a round-trip flight or bus ride.


A guided expedition or tour, often conducted in wildlife reserves or national parks in Africa or other regions, allowing participants to observe and photograph wild animals in their natural habitat.
A town located in Costa Rica, renowned for its vibrant handcrafted wooden furniture, traditional ox carts (carretas), and colorful painted designs, making it a popular destination for shopping and cultural experiences.
A requirement imposed by airlines or hotels for travelers to include a Saturday night stay in their itinerary to qualify for discounted fares or special promotions, often aimed at leisure travelers.
A hotel room intended for single occupancy, typically equipped with a single bed or twin beds and amenities suitable for one guest.
A type of train or bus service offering overnight accommodations for passengers, typically featuring private or shared sleeping compartments with beds or reclining seats for comfortable overnight travel.
A casual dining establishment in Costa Rica offering inexpensive local cuisine, snacks, and refreshments, often specializing in traditional dishes such as casados, gallo pinto, and ceviche.
A facility offering a variety of health and wellness treatments, massages, and relaxation therapies aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being for guests.
A discounted or promotional fare offered by airlines, hotels, or other travel providers for a limited time or under specific conditions, providing travelers with savings or added value compared to standard rates.
A luxurious hotel accommodation consisting of multiple rooms or living areas, often including a bedroom, living room, dining area, and private bathroom, offering enhanced space, comfort, and amenities for guests.


Natural thermal hot springs located near Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, renowned for their mineral-rich waters and therapeutic properties, attracting visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in a scenic rainforest setting.
The official list or schedule of prices, fees, and charges for services or products provided by transportation companies, hotels, or other businesses, often regulated by government authorities or industry standards.
A designated building or facility within an airport, seaport, or transportation hub where passengers check in, undergo security screening, board or disembark from vehicles, and access amenities and services.
A traveler who remains on the same flight, train, or bus for the entire journey without changing or transferring to another vehicle, often used in transportation terminology to distinguish direct passengers from those with connecting flights or routes.
Informal terms used to refer to Costa Rican people, with "Tico" being used for males and "Tica" for females, reflecting a sense of national identity and cultural pride.
A protected area located on the northeastern coast of Costa Rica, known for its extensive network of canals, diverse wildlife, and nesting grounds for endangered sea turtles, attracting eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts.
A guided journey or excursion that explores specific destinations, attractions, or themes, often including transportation, accommodations, meals, and activities as part of a pre-planned itinerary.
An individual responsible for leading and providing commentary during guided tours, excursions, or sightseeing trips, offering information, insights, and assistance to travelers while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
The movement of passengers or cargo between different modes of transportation, locations, or terminals, often arranged as part of a travel itinerary to facilitate seamless transitions between flights, hotels, or tour destinations.
A business or organization specializing in arranging and booking travel-related services and accommodations for individuals, groups, or businesses, often providing expertise, advice, and personalized assistance to clients.
A professional who works for a travel agency or independently to assist clients in planning, booking, and managing their travel arrangements, offering expertise, recommendations, and personalized service based on client preferences and needs.


A privately owned property, such as a house, villa, apartment, or condominium, rented out to travelers for short-term stays as an alternative to traditional hotels or resorts, offering amenities and comforts of a home away from home.
A luxurious and spacious vacation residence, typically located in scenic or resort destinations, featuring multiple bedrooms, living areas, private pools, and upscale amenities for guests seeking privacy and exclusivity.
Plural form of "villa," referring to multiple luxurious vacation residences or villas within the same property or resort complex, often offering shared facilities and services while providing individualized accommodations for guests.
A travel document or endorsement issued by a country's government, permitting a foreign national to enter, stay, or transit within its borders for a specified period and purpose, subject to immigration laws and regulations.
A document or certificate issued as proof of payment, reservation, or entitlement to goods, services, or discounts, often used in the travel industry to confirm bookings, redeem benefits, or claim refunds.


A resort or retreat facility specializing in health, fitness, and holistic well-being, offering a range of wellness programs, activities, treatments, and amenities aimed at promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness for guests.