What is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica? Tips to Plan Your Vacation?

August 03, 2022
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What is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica? Tips to Plan Your Vacation?

Costa Rica is popular among travelers for its lush green jungles, white-sand beaches, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Additionally, people recognize this country for having different seasons in different areas. It might be dry and sunny one month and tropical the other. That is why deciding between the two seasons can be daunting because they can provide visitors with pleasing, albeit distinct, experiences of Costa Rica.    

So, if visiting Costa Rica is on your bucket list, but you’re unsure of the best time to go to Costa Rica, worry not, as this country is best to visit year-round. You don’t need to overburden yourself by carrying things like umbrellas and ponchos as at Villa Firenze we provide our guests with all essentials.  

Umbrellas, ponchos, rash guards, sunscreens, etc., will be available within the villa for your use in your personal goody bag complete with the branding of our Villa.  

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica 

The best time to visit Costa Rica is now! After all those years of not traveling, you don’t want to wait for the right season to come. Just pack your bags, and Costa Rica is waiting for you. 

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, perfect to plan your vacations with family & friends. However, Costa Rica has various temperature zones, and the region’s closeness to the equator results in consistently high temperatures. It may be hot and humid during the rainy season and hot and dry during the dry season.   

Even though it rains more frequently in particular places and at certain times of the year, you may still have fun even when it rains. The rain is often light and fleeting. At Villa Firenze, when it rains, it is also an excellent time to get inside the X-Golf simulator room for teeing off indoors or watch a good movie with popcorns. Better still, the rainy season is good to get all muddy and go on an adventure like the RZR tour!   

For all those who prefer warm days, the dry season will be the best time to travel to Costa Rica. The final decision is entirely yours! It depends on your choice of weather and the activities you wish to enjoy.  

Average Temperature & Sun Hours in Costa Rica  

Costa Rica experiences year-round warm, tropical temperatures with an average range of 72–82 °F (22–28 °C). The country is hotter in the dry season (February through May) when there are no rains to cool things off. When rain is frequent from May to November, temperatures are slightly lower across the nation.  

Average Rainfall & Humidity in Costa Rica 

The average annual rainfall in Costa Rica is a moderate 1981.2mm (78″). The wettest months of Costa Rica are September and October, and the rainy season is responsible for up to 90% of the yearly precipitation in the country.  

Average Tourist Arrival in Costa Rica  

Costa Rica is famous among travelers who love wildlife, natural habitats, and adventure. In 2019, Costa Rica welcomed 3.1 million foreign tourists, so yes, the country is popular among tourists.   

On average, the months that see the most tourists arrive in Costa Rica are January-March and December. The leanest months for tourism are August-October.

When is Costa Rica’s Dry Season?  

The dry season in Costa Rica lasts from December to April. Since the dry season means the summer here, most of the country will see its driest weather.   

The dry season, also known as the peak tourist season or the high season, is the best time of the year to go to Costa Rica. The reason why travelers choose to visit the country during this season is that the weather here is usually hot and sunny, perfect for beach days and outdoor activities. All well-known summer beaches, locations, or adventure parks will be at their busiest during this peak travel period.   

When is Costa Rica’s Rainy Season? 

The rainy season on Costa Rica’s Pacific slope lasts from May to November, with precipitation reaching the highest peak in September and November. There are typically wetter days in the Guanacaste region, the Central Valley, and across the Pacific Coast.   

Costa Rica has a lot to offer you if you have your heart for cloudy weather and the rainy season is the ideal time of year to travel to Costa Rica for you.    

The rainy season is popularly known as the green season because you get a chance to experience gorgeous foliage, rejuvenating forests, a lively green landscape, and great seasonal dishes.     

Best Time to Visit the Rainforests and Jungles? 

The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is popular among travelers for its incredible natural beauty. If you plan to include natural parks, jungles, rainforests, waterfalls, and exotic flora & fauna in your travel itinerary, the rainy season is the best time to plan your vacation.   

The rainy season is preferred over the dry season in Costa Rica because hot, dry weather (like in the summer) can cause forests to dry up and trees to shed their leaves. Whereas, during the rainy season, you can experience the greenest vegetation, the fullest waterfalls, fresh & green trees, and jungles loaded with animals.    

Overview of Each Month in Costa Rica  

Here is a breakdown of what each month in Costa Rica will be like in terms of weather. This information will aid your research and help you plan your vacation in Costa Rica.    

  1. Costa Rica in January    

It is mainly dry and hot in January. Also, it will be a bit foggy and less humid. However, January is the ideal month to venture outside with little to no rain predicted, which is perfect for lazing on the beach. You won’t need to bring warm clothes because the weather is pleasant, even at night.    

  1. Costa Rica in February    

It’s still dry in February as well. You can expect days without any rain. The average temperature rises slightly from January’s levels. February in Costa Rica observes low precipitation. Also, you’ll enjoy approximately 11 to 12 hours of sunshine each day, perfect for a day at the beach.  

There is a slight chance of rains in February, still, you will enjoy more sun than rain in February. Being one of the most well-liked months to travel to Costa Rica, it’s a great time of year to plan your trip to this country before spring break begins.   

  1. Costa Rica in March    

March offers sunny days throughout the country, making it one of the best times to go to Costa Rica. Rainfall is irregular but mostly happens at night. Also, it is warm throughout the month. March is still very much the dry season.         

  1. Costa Rica in April   

The dry season ends in April, the last significant time for tourist visits before the wet season begins. In Costa Rica, this is the hottest month of the year. The Pacific Coast is very hot, and locals and tourists prefer to flock to the summer beaches in costa rica.    

With hardly any rain during April, it is also the driest month of the year. You can expect brighter sunny days, so you should stay in the shade and wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses, a broad-brimmed hat, and UVA/UVB-protected clothes can be your companions for your trip.   

  1. Costa Rica in May  

In Costa Rica, the rainy season begins in May. So, your chances of experiencing bright mornings with afternoon rains are higher. May receives rainfall on average for just 14 days, which is still less than half of the month. Although it starts to cool off a little from April’s highs, May is still hot.   

You could pack ponchos, sweatshirts, and other rainy-season essentials for a trip to Costa Rica in May. Although, you can get most of these at our luxury villa in costa rica

  1. Costa Rica in June  

June is one of the best months to travel to Costa Rica during the rainy season. Everything in Costa Rica begins to grow lush and green! The humidity is higher, and it frequently rains in the late afternoon throughout the country.   

If you’re visiting Costa Rica in June, a travel umbrella and raincoats will work the best when going on a best hikes in costa rica. At Villa Firenze, we can provide all these essential that you need for an enjoyable trip.   

  1. Costa Rica in July  

July is when families start to make their way to Costa Rica. Despite being the rainy season of Costa Rica, the locals refer to it as “little summer.” Although it is hot and humid, there is less rain in July. Rain is still possible in the late afternoons or evenings, especially around the Pacific Coast.    

  1. Costa Rica in August  

August is a busy month in Costa Rica. And because August is the mini dry season, things are relatively dry. But toward the end of the month, heavy rains become a regular feature. August still has an average of 21 days of precipitation.   

Given that August is the rainy season, a lightweight raincoat, a compact travel umbrella, strap-on sandals, or tennis shoes will work the best.   

  1. Costa Rica in September  

September is the rainiest month in Costa Rica. It will rain pretty much every day.     

Heading on a trek, discovering waterfalls, and seeing the country’s flora is a good idea during September. To visit Costa Rica in September, you must prepare for rain. Shoes, travel gear, luggage, and waterproof backpacks all help. But you can get almost everything you need at our villa.     

  1. Costa Rica in October  

October is somewhat like September, with heavy precipitation. While October is the driest month in the Caribbean, it is the rainiest on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.    

Traveling to Costa Rica in October will be easy with a compact, travel-friendly umbrella, quick-drying clothes, and shoes.    

  1. Costa Rica in November  

In November, Costa Rica’s Pacific beaches finally start to get brighter. Even though it’s still in the rainy season, sunny days gradually becoming more regular. The Pacific side gets drier toward the end of the month.  

It’s usually advisable to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, UVA/UVB-protective clothing, and a hat due to the unpredictability of the weather in Costa Rica. A portable umbrella with lightweight, quick-drying jackets and long sleeve shirts are also required.   

  1. Costa Rica in December  

In December, the Pacific Coast technically enters the dry season. Towards the middle of the month, things heat up quite a bit. It’s a terrific time to try out some adventure sports as people begin to revisit the beaches.  

Things like a few long-sleeved, quick-dry shirts, a light jacket, and a small, portable umbrella are brilliant because a cool breeze makes the temperature fall. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Tips to Plan Vacation to Costa Rica  

Q. Which is the best time to visit Costa Rica with kids?   

Every month is the best time to visit Costa Rica. Weather is not a problem to enjoy nature or have adventures, great food, meet new people, enjoy new experiences, or use our games/golf simulator room.  

Q. Which is the best time to visit Costa Rica for surfing?   

You can enjoy surfing every single day in Costa Rica. The only thing you need to know is the tides on the beaches for safety.      

Q. What are the hottest months in Costa Rica?   

Anytime from January to March is the hottest time to visit Costa Rica.   

Q. What are the whale-watching seasons in Costa Rica?   

Costa Rica is known to have two different whale-watching seasons. The best season is from July to November, while the other is from December to March.  

Q. What is the best time to visit Costa Rica for a honeymoon?  

The month of March, April, and May are the most popular times to visit Costa Rica for a honeymoon

Q. What is the best time to visit Costa Rica for wildlife watching?  

Traveling to Costa Rica to watch the wildlife from January to July is best.  

Q. Which are the high and low seasons of Costa Rica?   

The high season in Costa Rica starts from December until April, whereas the low season in Costa Rica is from May to November.   

Q. What should be packed for the Costa Rica trip?   

It would help if you packed according to the season you plan to visit Costa Rica. Good hiking shoes, a rain jacket, a bathing suit, and rain boots are the must-haves.   

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