Which is the Best Season for a Destination Wedding in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the unique wedding destinations with plenty of spectacular wedding backdrops. Whether you want to tie the knot on an idyllic beach, in the heart of a pristine forest, or at the base of an active volcano, you will have some memorable moments here.   

The best time of the year to get married in Costa Rica is the dry season. However, other factors need to be considered. If you have always dreamt of saying ‘I do’ at a sunset wedding on the beach, then late January to April is the best time. September to October is the best time for those who want a cozier indoor wedding. Costa Rica has many possibilities, making for a fantastic destination wedding location.   

Destination wedding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: A Paradise for Destination Weddings  

A Costa Rican wedding is extraordinary! The country’s serene ambiance blends exotic rainforests, gorgeous beaches, and unpredictable weather, with luxury wedding villas in Costa Rica organizing fairytale weddings in what can only be called a tropical paradise.   

Costa Rica is a small country where almost every season is the best time to visit Costa Rica to have fun. However, it offers unparalleled diversity. There are thirteen microclimates throughout the country. Thus, choosing the best time for wedding in Costa Rica is essential, as the weather can be different in different parts of the country.  

Costa Rica is known for its warm and tropical climate. Temperature ranges between 80-85 degrees, with a cool ocean breeze keeping the heat at bay. The evenings are more relaxed as the temperature dips into the mid-60s and 70s, ideal for watching beautiful sunsets.  

However, choosing the best month for your wedding in Costa Rica is about a lot more than ensuring that your day is sunny and perfect. The east and west coasts boast opposing rainy seasons. Hence, choosing the best month for your wedding can significantly impact your special day.  

The month you select will determine how easy it will be for your friends and family to join you for a Costa Rican wedding, the availability of the flights, and the venue.   

There are two seasons in Costa Rica- the dry season and the rainy season.  

  • Dry Season- December to April 
  • Rainy Season– May to December 

Dry Season in Costa Rica   

The dry season is the perfect time to plan your destination wedding in Costa Rica because no matter how many people say it is good luck when it rains on your wedding, it can be highly inconvenient for outdoor weddings.  

January, February, March, April, and late November through early December are some of the best months to plan your destination wedding in Costa Rica.  

Skies are generally clearer during these months, ensuring your wedding photographs are gorgeous. The central and southern regions witness the lush flora that thrives year-round. You can also notice some of the most beautiful blooms towards the end of the dry season.   

If you have planned everything and are looking for a luxurious wedding venue in Costa Rica, you can find a wide array of rental villas, five-star resorts, and boutique hotels. Excellent properties like Villa Firenze exude elegance with world-class amenities, whether you want an intimate wedding or a grand ceremony.   

The dry season is also called the high season because the prices are higher, and the country receives the highest number of tourists. Thus, selecting a venue in advance is crucial to avoid last-minute disappointments.  

The Northern Pacific Coast is drier than the South. Most of the Northwest Pacific region is considered the driest region in Costa Rica. The region stretches from Guanacaste to the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The rainy season arrives in the later months and does not last long. 

Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Rainy Season in Costa Rica 

Rain can be romantic. But not when your bridal gown gets all drenched on your special day. The rainy season or low season begins in May. During this time and through June, you get blue skies in the morning and little showers in the afternoons. These months are the second best when planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica. The rain comes with the extra perk of more lush, exotic green surroundings—and more active wildlife, along with wedding venues available at much more affordable prices.   

Expect heavier rainfall with a little dry spell of sunshine that lasts a couple of weeks through July and August. However, it is the calm before the storm.  

September and October are the rainiest months of the year in most parts of the country. Hotel prices are low. However, this is the driest time of the year on the Caribbean coast. The rainy season fades out as smoothly as it came in October. Once again, November experiences a rainy season that lingers a little longer in the South Pacific. 

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Destination wedding at Villa Firenze