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Popular Cafes in Costa Rica You Must Check Out on Your Trip

July 06, 2023
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
Popular Cafes in Costa Rica You Must Check Out on Your Trip

When traveling to a new destination, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture is by exploring the local cafes. Costa Rica, with its stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality, offers a delightful array of cafes worth discovering. Whether you’re a coffee lover or enjoy a cozy atmosphere with a delicious cup of joe, cafes in Costa Rica have something for everyone.   

This blog will guide you through a curated list of must-visit cafes in Costa Rica, ensuring you get all these hidden gems during your trip.

Let’s look at the list of the most popular cafes we have curated for you to make your vacation more enjoyable.   

Café Del Barista  

As you step into Café del Barista, you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior is tastefully designed, combining modern elements with rustic touches, creating a cozy and relaxed setting.    

Café del Barista takes pride in its exceptional coffee blends sourced from the best coffee plantations across Costa Rica. As one of the best cafes in Costa Rica, Cafe Del Barista offers many coffee options, from single-origin beans to unique in-house blends. This cafe is where you can indulge in coffee and enjoy fascinating tales and facts about Costa Rican coffee and popular brewing methods.   

Location:125 Metros Este de la Entrada Norte Del Hospital Calderon Guardia, San Jose 10101 Costa Rica  

Signature Beverages  

  • Tico Cappuccino – Combines steamed milk with a rich shot of espresso, topped with delicate latte art.   
  • Cascara Latte – A blend of dried fruit of the coffee cherry, infusing the drink with a subtle sweetness and floral notes  


Cafeoteca is a coffee haven that attracts locals and visitors seeking a unique coffee experience. The interior combines wooden furnishings, industrial accents, and warm lighting, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. One of the special features of Cafeoteca is its focus on showcasing the entire coffee journey.   

From the moment the coffee beans are harvested to the final cup, the cafe emphasizes the importance of every step in the process. At Cafeoteca, each cup is brewed with precision and care, highlighting the unique characteristics and flavors of the beans.   

Location: Calle 31 Avenida 5, 50 Mts Este Del Parque de Francia en Barrio Escalante, San Jose, San Jose 10110  

Signature Beverages  

  • Espresso Volcan Azu – Sourced from the renowned Tarrazu region  
  • Filter Finca Rosa – Hails from the lush mountains of Heredia  

Café La Mancha   

Café La Mancha is a charming and cozy cafe that captivates visitors with its delightful ambiance and exceptional coffee. The restaurant exudes a rustic charm with its exposed brick walls, wooden furnishings, and soft lighting. The cozy seating arrangements, including comfortable couches and intimate tables, create a welcoming space.   

The cafe partners with local coffee growers and cooperatives, ensuring that the coffee beans used are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.   

Location: Calle 1, Avenidas 0 y 1, San José, San José Province, San Jose, San Jose 10101  

Signature Beverages  

  1. Mancha Dorada – A medium-roast blend that offers a balanced flavor with notes of chocolate and nuts.  
  2. Café Frío – Iced coffee creation provides the perfect respite from the tropical heat.  

Underground Brew Cafe  

The Underground Brew Cafe offers a distinctive and edgy ambiance that differentiates it from traditional cafes. As the name suggests, the cafe is designed to resemble an underground hideout, with dim lighting, exposed brick walls, and industrial-style decor.   

The walls are adorned with captivating artwork, rotating exhibitions, and vibrant murals, creating a dynamic and visually stimulating atmosphere. Underground Brew Cafe also hosts live music performances, poetry readings, and other cultural events, adding to the artistic experience. 

Location: Diagonal a Cosmopolitan Tower, San Jose 21200  

Signature Beverage  

  • Maple Chai Latte – A delightful combination of spicy chai tea, creamy milk, and sweet maple syrup.   

Alma De Café   

Alma De Café exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy your favorite brew. The cozy seating arrangements, including plush sofas and wooden tables, make it an ideal space for both solo coffee dates and friendly gatherings.  

Alma De Cafe takes pride in serving a diverse range of signature coffee blends and beverages that showcase the richness and quality of Costa Rican coffee. Whether you prefer a classic espresso, a creamy cappuccino, or a refreshing iced coffee, the skilled baristas at Alma De Café ensure a memorable coffee experience.  

Location: National Theatre of Costa Rica, 1, San Jose 10017  

Signature Beverages  

  1. Café Tico – Embodies the essence of Costa Rican coffee with its smooth and balanced flavors.  
  2. Café de Olla – A traditional Costa Rican coffee brewed with spices like cinnamon and cloves.   

Coop Dota    

Coop Dota is a hidden gem amidst lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes, providing an immersive coffee experience in a tranquil and natural setting. The cafe is housed in a charming wooden structure, blending harmoniously with the surrounding nature.   

The interior exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, with earthy tones, natural materials, and comfortable seating arrangements that make you feel at home. Coop Dota emphasizes promoting sustainable farming practices and supporting local coffee producers. The cooperative actively involves the community in its coffee production process, ensuring fair wages and environmentally friendly cultivation methods.   

Location: North side of the Sports Center of Santa María de Dota, Santa Maria  

Signature Beverages  

  1. Dota Tarrazú – Features a medium roast with a harmonious balance of acidity and sweetness.  

Starbucks Coffee Farm  

Nestled amidst verdant coffee plantations and rolling hills, this farm is a testament to Starbucks’ commitment to sustainable coffee farming and preserving Costa Rica’s rich coffee heritage. The ambiance at the Starbucks Coffee Farm is serene and idyllic, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.   

The farm is enveloped by breathtaking natural beauty, with stunning views of coffee fields, cloud forests, and distant mountains. Starbucks takes pride in sourcing high-quality Arabica coffee beans from the local region and ensuring that each cup is crafted with precision and care. Just visit this cafe, and you will learn why Costa Rican coffee is the best in the world.  

Location: Slopes of the Poás Volcano  

Signature Beverages   

  1. Naranjo – This drink has a fruity taste of orange and berry, with a sweet caramel aftertaste. 
  2. Espresso Costa Rica – This blend offers a rich and robust flavor profile with hints of cocoa, nutmeg, and a subtle sweetness.   
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Costa Rica is a paradise for coffee lovers, and exploring its popular cafes is a must-do activity during your trip. Not only do these cafes serve exceptional coffee, but they also offer delicious food and specialties to complement your coffee experience.   

So, next time you find yourself in Costa Rica, venture beyond the conventional tourist spots and discover the hidden gems of its coffee scene. And, when you want to stay in your comfort zone, let Villa Firenze serve you the best cup of authentic and flavorful coffee to make your every day in Costa Rica enjoyable.  

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