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Behind the Scenes at Villa Firenze 

February 14, 2024
Bex Smith Bex Smith
Behind the Scenes at Villa Firenze 

Imagine stepping into a world where every detail is a brushstroke on a masterpiece of luxury. This is Villa Firenze.  

Sunshine streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows, a private infinity pool shimmering under azure skies, and laughter resonating amidst lush greenery—it all comes together to create a personalized portrait of exceptional experiences. But the real artistry goes beyond its picturesque setting; it lies in the heart and soul of our dedicated team. 

Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee filling the air, accompanied by a beautifully set table created by our extraordinary chef. Relax by the pool as our bartender prepares your favorite drink, tailored precisely to your liking. 

Service at our luxury villa rental is about attention to detail. From the concierge to the gardeners, each Villa Firenze team member makes your stay memorable and ensures your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Villa Firenze Team

Let’s see who makes Villa Firenze a perfect destination for a family vacation –     

1. Manager/Concierge: The Architect of Your Perfect Stay 

The manager/concierge at Villa Firenze is more than just a coordinator; they are the architects of your flawless experience. Their role is pivotal, from responding to all guest inquiries to orchestrating bookings, itineraries, and vendor reservations. They skillfully manage staff, ensuring every special request and itinerary change seamlessly integrates into your stay. The artistry of the Villa Firenze concierge extends to table decorations, adding an exquisite touch to your dining experience. Post-departure, they manage inventory, restock essentials, and contribute to the villa’s maintenance.  

2. Engineer: Guardian of Perfection 

Our engineer is the guardian of perfection at Villa Firenze. They are tasked with ensuring that every element of the villa works flawlessly, from the sound system to the hot water. They are on call 24/7. Their responsibilities extend to maintaining the beauty of the villa’s lush gardens and overseeing the upkeep of our state-of-the-art golf simulator. Their dedication to maintaining the villa’s ambiance extends to replacing any worn or damaged artwork or furniture. It can be challenging to find just the right replacement in Costa Rica. 

3. Culinary Team: Masters of Flavor and Ambiance 

  • Chef: The personal chef at Villa Firenze is a culinary maestro, coordinating closely with the manager/concierge to tailor menus to guest preferences, dietary needs, and special requests. They manage shopping and meal planning, ensuring every dining experience is both sumptuous and personalized.  
  • Chef Assistant: A chef’s assistant is essential to the kitchen team. They help with food preparation, timing, and shopping, ensuring that every dish is exceptional in taste and presentation.  

4. Bartender: Connoisseur of Elixirs and Spirits 

The bartender at our luxury villa in Costa Rica is highly skilled in crafting a wide range of beverages, from aromatic coffees to exotic cocktails. After collaborating with the concierge and the chef, they curate an exquisite list of drinks served at the villa and ensure their perfect pairings with meals. Their expertise extends to maintaining a well-stocked inventory tailored to each group’s preferences, enhancing every meal and social occasion with their delightful concoctions and engaging service. 

5. Maid: The Heart of Villa Hospitality 

Our maid is the heart of our hospitality, offering much more than pristine sheets and towels. With a decade of service, their expertise and proactive support is invaluable. Whether assisting in the kitchen with table settings or orienting new vendors, this role is vital for the villa’s seamless operation. The respect for guest privacy and attention to detail in room preparation and event support embodies our five-star service.   

6. Garden Staff: Custodians of Nature’s Canvas 

Our two dedicated gardeners work in harmony, each overseeing different areas of the garden. Their roles go beyond taking care of the plants; they assist with guest luggage, maintain the private pool, and alert the engineer to any issues requiring attention, ensuring the outdoors are as inviting as the interiors. 

7. Beyond the Villa: Our Trusted External Service Partners 

  • Drivers and Aerotour Operators: Our drivers and Aerotour service providers ensure our guests enjoy a grand arrival and departure experience.  
  • RZR Tour Guide: Our RZR tour guide is a favorite among both guests and villa owners. Our guide is renowned for providing exceptional customer service and bringing a personalized touch to every tour. With an in-depth knowledge of the RZR vehicles and the stunning Costa Rican landscape, the guide expertly leads guests through breathtaking views of waterfalls and beaches.   
  • Sportfishing Team: Our captain and mariner guide guests through exhilarating sportfishing adventures, complete with all necessary equipment, food, and beverages.
  • Yoga Instructor: Our local yoga instructor from Jacó offers private classes in the serene setting of Villa Firenze, enhancing the wellness experience for guests. 

Special Events at Villa Firenze: Your Dream Wedding Destination 

Villa Firenze isn’t just a luxury villa; it’s also the ultimate wedding villa in Costa Rica. Our dedicated team excels in creating bespoke experiences for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows against breathtaking landscapes, with every detail from the setting to the cuisine tailored precisely to your wishes. At Villa Firenze, we specialize in turning your wedding dreams into reality, offering a romantic and secure setting as unique as your love story.

Villa Firenze Team Members

The Villa Firenze Promise of Extraordinary Service 

Selecting the perfect villa isn’t just about the place; it’s about the people who make your stay worth remembering.  

We are a private and secure villa in Costa Rica. We’re dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure your visit is more than just ordinary—it’s extraordinary. 

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals passionate about providing top-notch amenities with a personal touch. They combine expert service with a warmth that makes you feel right at home. 

But here’s the thing about us—we understand that everyone’s preferences differ. Whether you desire the complete VIP treatment with all-day snacks and drinks or a quieter, more intimate experience, we’re ready to cater to your style. Romantic dinner under the stars? A peaceful day without interruptions? Whatever you choose, the Villa Firenze team is prepared to make it happen. 

Just let our concierge know your preferences. Your comfort, privacy, and happiness are our utmost priorities. At Villa Firenze, we’re not just creating a stay but crafting your ideal experience in Costa Rica.

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