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Villa Firenze – Safest Villa to Rent in Costa Rica

August 22, 2022
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
Villa Firenze – Safest Villa to Rent in Costa Rica

While pretty palm trees and sparkling pools are appealing, privacy and safety are the most important considerations when renting a villa for your vacation. This blog speaks about the safety measures at Villa Firenze, which makes it one of the safest and most secure rental properties in Costa Rica.     


Villa Firenze is a name where privacy meets security and comfort meets elegance. We ensure a private and secure stay with comprehensive safety protocols in the villa. The property is monitored 24/7 by a sophisticated Swiss security system. The discrete nature of our staff maintains privacy and security by keeping information about guests confidential throughout their stay at Villa Firenze.   

The villa’s infrastructure is perfect for a luxurious & comfortable stay. The suites offer a private patio area for peaceful dining surrounded by the medley of birds chirping and the vibrant tropical ambiance. Moreover, guests can contact our concierge if they have any issues or requests in terms of special arrangements. Our concierge will help plan their vacation in Costa Rica by providing a detailed and knowledgeable travel itinerary. Amenities like the X-Golf Indoor Simulator, games room & clubhouse are available to guests. The golf carts, Jeep Rubicon, and private helipad are also accessible to guests, making stays more secure and personal.       


Villa Firenze is a secluded property with discrete staff where guests will not be disturbed. The Villa has three levels of security, including 24/7 monitoring by SwissGuard security to ensure safety. Our private helipad lets guests live the jet-set lifestyle, arriving and taking off in style without worrying about being held up in traffic. We also provide access to personal golf carts and a Jeep Rubicon to securely travel to locations outside the Villa.       

We can also arrange private outings for guests to enjoy the outdoors with the privacy they want. Private boat tours, RZR tours, sportfishing tours, and private picnics are some ideal options we suggest for travel itineraries. Villa Firenze is also near popular attractions like a golf course, parks, and beaches. So, guests never need to travel too far from the villa to enjoy their vacation.   


Three levels of security surround Villa Firenze. The Eco Golf Estates and Los Sueños neighborhood have only one entry point each, with both checkpoints having 24/7 security. At a personal level, we provide guests with a unique security code to enter and exit the villa and ensure no one other than the guests can enter the property. The villa’s windows are shatterproof, and the metal gates are impenetrable for absolute protection. We also have 24/7 power back-up and Swissguard monitoring systems in place so that it becomes easier to ensure the safety of our guests in case there is any crisis in or near the villa.   


How guests commute throughout their vacation affects privacy and security the most. Keeping this in mind, we provide our guests with a private helicopter transfer from the San Jose international airport to Villa Firenze. It’s the ultimate experience of privacy, safety, & luxury on vacation.  

Our private helipad is also available to book private Heli tours to enjoy breathtaking views of the Areal volcanoes, waterfalls, and national parks in Costa Rica in style. While staying at Villa Firenze, guests do not have to travel far from the villa to enjoy hiking, surfing, picnics, or a game of golf, as we are near many popular activity spots.  

It takes ten minutes to reach the beach and five minutes to get to the golf course from Villa Firenze. Also, access to a private golf cart and Jeep Rubicon is available for guests to explore the nearby markets and restaurants.    

We can arrange private boat tours and a private guided RZR tour for our guests if they want to enjoy an adventure without compromising their privacy and safety. So, it’s entirely their choice if they wish to step out or stay in and relax!

Private Villa for Rent   

Villa Firenze is a perfect blend of beauty and luxury, with elegance reflected in every detail of the villa.  

This rental luxury villa is spread over 9,500 square feet and is divided into gorgeously designed spaces where guests can enjoy their vacation in consummate luxury and privacy. We have four spacious master suites – Upper Master Suite, Upper Patio Suite, Dome Suite, and Lower Master Suite. 

Each suite has a king-sized bed, walk-in closet, bathroom, and a TV. We also have an office room (convertible into a bedroom) where guests can work peacefully without disturbance, equipped with a sofa & desk area and a private bathroom.   

Villa Firenze is the only place in the neighborhood that offers a private helipad. The clubhouse area, infinity pool, and stylish Italian courtyard are other highlights of the villa that add to the experience of absolute luxury. 

At Villa Firenze, guests can discuss their dietary choices with our private chef and get a customized menu catering to any culinary need. Guests can also enjoy our selection of house wines and spirits during the stay and discover a new favorite drink from our cocktail list.  

It’s no wonder that guests from all over the world choose Villa Firenze for a vacation stay to experience consummate luxury in Costa Rica.

Enjoy the Complete Tour of Villa Firenze

Final Words   

At Villa Firenze, we are deeply committed to our guests’ safety and privacy at every level, whether it is about privacy on the property or while having an exclusive adventure in Costa Rica. Our guests can enjoy the safest and most secure luxury vacation in Costa Rica because of our high-security protocols and systems.

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