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The Ultimate 5-Day Costa Rica Itinerary with Villa Firenze

November 28, 2023
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
The Ultimate 5-Day Costa Rica Itinerary with Villa Firenze

Costa Rica, a tapestry of verdant rainforests, misty mountains, and pristine shorelines, has long been a sanctuary for those pursuing peace and rejuvenation. This Central American gem, coveted for its harmonic convergence of sun, sea, and land, casts a spell on its visitors, beckoning them to partake in its natural splendors and ancient wellness traditions. 

Step into Villa Firenze, a pinnacle of luxury nestled amidst this Edenic setting. With an innate understanding of the modern traveler’s quest for relaxation and adventure, this villa in Costa Rica unveils a meticulously curated 5 day costa rica itinerary for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in the lap of nature. Beyond the quintessential experience, this journey promises an unexpected blend of playful exploration and sumptuous indulgence. Each day unfolds as a chapter of discovery, with luxury setting the stage for memories that linger long after the sun sets on the horizon. 

Lush Leaves and Pura Vida Spirit Crafting the Tropical Wellness Odyssey in Costa Rica  

With its lush rainforests teeming with life, this Central American country offers a sanctuary for the soul. Beyond its scenic allure, nature is a powerful medium for healing here. The untouched beauty rejuvenates and restores, reminding guests of the rhythms of life and the deep connection between the self and the environment. 

More than just a phrase, “Pura Vida” defines the Ticos way of life. “Pure Life” signifies a joy, simplicity, and gratitude-filled life. It’s a call to live freely, shedding the excesses and embracing each moment. This philosophy teaches that true wellness isn’t something to chase but a natural state achieved when one is in harmony with the universe and oneself.  

In the arms of Villa Firenze, amidst tropical splendors, guests are introduced to the essence of well-being, interwoven with nature and the profound wisdom of Pura Vida in Costa Rica.

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Five-day Itinerary 

Nestled in the Eco Golf Estates of the Los Sueños Resort & Marina, Villa Firenze presents a curated five-day itinerary designed to unveil the rejuvenating and relaxing experiences of the country. This journey is not just a getaway but an immersion into the rich tapestry of nature, culture, and leisure that only we can offer. Each day promises unique encounters, exquisite gastronomic delights, and moments that turn into cherished memories. 

Day 1: Descending Into Paradise 

As our guests make their way towards our luxury villa in Costa Rica, we welcome them with a spectacular aerial view of the surrounding landscape. The guests can avail themselves of a helicopter transfer from San José airport to the villa or vice versa, providing them with a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the area. To avail of this service, they can request a transfer from the airport to the villa or vice versa while booking their Villa Firenze package.  

Upon landing, the cordial staff awaits with a warm welcome, ready to guide guests through the expansive property. Each room is a masterpiece, curated for comfort and elegance, offering breathtaking vistas of the enveloping rainforest. Ours is also a luxury villa with a private chef who crafts delectable meals, setting the tone for the gastronomic journey ahead. 

As the sun sets, the villa becomes a haven of relaxation. Guests can unwind at the clubhouse, enjoying a range of entertainment options. The outdoor bar and dining area beckon as stars pierce the night sky, promising a gourmet dinner experience paired with the finest wines and spirits. 

Day 2: Pura Vida Parade 

The second day commences with nature playing its serene symphony. Guests can step out onto their private balconies, sipping a cup of Costa Rican coffee and immersing themselves in the orchestration of birdsong and rustling leaves. 

The morning is an opportune time for a guided nature walk. Led by an onsite naturalist, guests traverse hidden trails, gaining insights into the rich biodiversity. Every step is educational, every sight a marvel.  

Our pristine pool awaits after the refreshing experience of hiking in Costa Rica. Guests can plunge in, let the calm waters refresh their senses, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience, where expert masseuse work their magic, blending age-old techniques with modern practices. 

As the sun dips, casting a golden hue, it’s time for camaraderie. The bar area turns lively as guests gather around, sharing stories of their day. A special dinner crafted by the private chef ensures every palate is pampered, culminating the day on a beautiful note. 

Day 3: Taking the Scenic Route 

The morning sun at Villa Firenze Costa Rica bathes the surroundings in a warm, golden hue – an idyllic backdrop for an invigorating workout. For those keen on deepening their practice, the villa offers tailored yoga sessions that can be seamlessly incorporated into the guest packages, making every sunrise a soulful retreat into wellness. 

But rejuvenation is not limited to the wellness day at Villa Firenze—just a stone’s throw away, a pristine golf course beckons. More than just a test of skill, each swing unfurls a distinct, breathtaking vista, elevating the game from a mere sport to an experience that’s both visually stimulating and physically rewarding. 

And then, as midday laziness intertwines with the need to stay connected, the poolside emerges as the perfect haven. Here, guests can strike a delicate balance, lounging by the crystalline water while occasionally attending to an email or diving into a business read. A refreshing cocktail makes the blend of relaxation and work delightful. 

As twilight approaches, the villa embraces a tranquil ambiance. Guests can enjoy a gourmet dinner. And the cherry on top? A delectable spread featuring the freshest catch of the day, ensuring that the palate, just like the spirit, is thoroughly satiated.  

Day 4: Dipping into the Blue Zone 

Start the fourth day with a transformative trip to the Blue Zone in Costa Rica – the Nicoya Peninsula, where wellness and longevity intertwine. As guests synchronize breaths with nature’s rhythm, the spirit of ‘Pura Vida’ becomes palpable. 

A guided trek reveals the region’s cascading waterfalls as the sun climbs higher. These secluded gems offer serene picnic spots, with nature’s melodies setting the backdrop. The coastal horizon invites adventurers for sport fishing in Costa Rica, providing a glimpse into Nicoya’s abundant marine life. Apart from the Blue Zone, there are many fishing spots in Costa Rica to experience the best of this sport.  

As daylight wanes, a time-honored river healing ceremony concludes the day. This intimate ritual, deeply rooted in Nicoya’s traditions, serves as a reminder of the peninsula’s unparalleled vitality and harmony. 

Day 5: Refilled to Return to Reality 

The heartbeats of Costa Rica rhythmically pulsate with the aromas of its world-renowned coffee. Guests staying with us can enjoy a captivating coffee experience every morning with a cup of brewed Costa Rican coffee while enjoying the exotic flora and fauna.  

And then dedicate the fifth day to the guided coffee tour by local experts. Guests journey through the intriguing tale of the bean, tracing its path from lush plantations to the aromatic brew in their cups. Each sip unveils layers of flavors, echoing stories of dedication and passion. 

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. But at Villa Firenze, endings are steeped in warmth and reflection. Departures are reminiscent of heartfelt farewells amongst dear friends rather than transient guests. Amid genuine exchanges and shared laughter, guests weave together memories and gratitude, taking with them tales and moments destined to be narrated and treasured for lifetimes. Villa Firenze amenities are committed to making staycations memorable and enjoyable.

Villa Firenze


Villa Firenze is where the essence of “Pura Vida” comes alive. It isn’t just another accommodation option; it’s an odyssey of the soul. Imagine waking up to verdant vistas, each morning’s chorus led by the songbirds, and every breath you take syncing seamlessly with nature’s rhythmic heartbeat. In those five days, guests don’t just take a break; they reconnect, rejuvenate, and truly rediscover the core of self-being at this luxury villa in Costa Rica

But what if five days isn’t enough? Well, we have thought of that, too. For those with an insatiable thirst for adventure and rejuvenation, their 10-day itinerary of Costa Rica lays out an enchanting journey across diverse landscapes and experiences. 

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