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Retreat in Style with Family and Friends at Villa Firenze

April 06, 2022
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
Retreat in Style with Family and Friends at Villa Firenze

Costa Rica features relaxing beaches, unique adventures, picturesque villas, and rich culture― all essential components of the best vacation. If you want to visit the country, a luxury villa Costa Rica called Villa Firenze awaits you.  

An oasis of bliss and relaxation, the Costa Rica rental villa parallels the opulence of an Italian palazzo. Maintained with modern touches, Villa Firenze features 9,500 square feet of elegance and serenity for your family vacation Costa Rica.  

Importance of Family Bonding and Relations 

Do you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Have you been planning to take some time off work?  

How about taking a trip that your family can enjoy? 

Taking a family vacation is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones and create memories with them. 

Whether it’s spending more alone time with your partner or doing activities your kids will love, Villa Firenze is a great destination for a family vacation in Costa Rica. 

At home, you can easily get caught up in work. A family vacation in this luxury holiday villa gives you time to talk more with one another and do activities as a family. At Villa Firenze, you can spend more time bonding with and getting to know your family better. 

A family vacation at a luxury villa Costa Rica can also lets your family experience more things. Your family will experience different food, cultures, and environments together. Seeing different places firsthand can give your family a whole new perspective on the world and let them have new experiences. 

Taking the time for a family trip can also help everyone relax and get their much-deserved rest. What better way to do it than in Villa Firenze, a luxury holiday villa offering family vacation packages, world-class amenities, and stunning architecture?  

Villa Firenze Architecture and Luxury Accommodation 

As one of the best villas in Costa Rica, Villa Firenze features breathtaking architecture. The luxury villa Costa Rica also boasts accommodation that will make your trip unforgettable.  

Costa Rica Rental Villa Architecture 

Interestingly, Villa Firenze was inspired by the dome of Florence’s 14th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. On top of that, this luxury holiday villa features 9,500 square feet of elegance and sophistication.  

Originally built in 2007, this luxury villa Costa Rica was then remodeled in 2016. Elite fabrics, stones, and artwork from around the globe were imported and used to remodel the luxury holiday villa. 

The villa features the smell of old wood from rustic wooden furniture and doors, solid coffered ceilings, and the citrus fruits in the garden.  

Additionally, this Costa Rica rental villa features a Florentine Renaissance style. Its central tower provides a volumetric balance to the whole building. It also wonderfully builds a point of reference both inside and outside the house. Its octagon-shaped banded dome, with segments ending in a lantern, was inspired by the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. 

Villa Firenze’s terrace conveys a Moorish style, thanks to its arches and thin columns. These features capture the palatine city of the Alhambra in Granada. The water mirror also provides tranquility and freshness to the environment. 

Thanks to its three interior patios, Villa Firenze shows how much it values intimacy and privacy. The private environment lets guests relax without having to worry about the outside world. 

Luxury Holiday Villa Accommodation 

The entrance stands out as you approach the luxury villa Costa Rica. It’s ornamented with hand-carved volcanic stone that catches a lot of attention.  

The outside gate of the villa remains open. However, the wrought iron counter gate remains closed. 

Rooms are unique and look different from each other. The rooms have enough space between them to give guests the privacy they need. Also, each room features high ceilings that complement the surroundings. 

As one of the best villas in Costa Rica, Villa Firenze offers a stress-free, exquisite, and luxurious experience.  

Villa Firenze’s accommodation was designed to be a private escape for all guests. Each room features decorations with a complimentary mixture of art. These artworks are done by renowned Costa Rican artists. Some pieces of decorations are classic European ones.  

Family vacation packages at Villa Firenze include meals prepared by the Villa Firenze chef. They also include on-the-house wine and liquor, an RZR tour, a fishing excursion, and a helicopter flight from the San Jose airport to the villa.  

Recent additions of modern luxuries that the villa offers include the clubhouse. It hosts a large outdoor bar area, golf simulator, and equipped bathroom. 

Luxury Villa Costa Rica Amenities 

Villa Firenze provides guests with luxurious amenities to make their experience unforgettable and enjoyable. These amenities allow you to fully relax during your family vacation. 

Other amenities like the concierge, chef, housekeeping, high-speed internet, designer soft furnishings, sumptuous toiletries are included in the family vacation packages that the luxury villa Costa Rica offers. These amenities add to the overall experience one expects from a  luxurious family vacation Costa Rica. 

The luxury holiday villa’s home technology also provides convenience and comfort while being environment friendly.  

The villa’s central air conditioning system has a shifting flow rate. This allows cold air to flow to different rooms evenly. The system also helps reduce energy consumption.  

In addition, the luxury holiday villa’s hot water system is powered by solar energy. It keeps hot water flowing through clean energy.  

Fun Activity and Games Facility at Villa Firenze 

The abundance of fun activities to enjoy at Villa Firenze are bound to outrun your expectations, and maybe even your days here.   

The Club House building across the manicured lawn not only keeps you engaged with X-Golf Stimulator, X-box Gaming, and Rock Band Equipment, but also lets you get the desired dose of entertainment through a cinematic screening on a large projector. Plus, Yoga Mats & Blocks are readily available anytime of the day to keep you in check of your daily fitness regime.   

Not to mention, the combination of club house bar area and fire pit will warm your mood and keep you and your dear ones amused. 

If You Liked Club House Offerings, You’ll love Picturesque Outdoor Settings Here 

If sightseeing is what you seek, the scenic wildlife views from the Helipad and widespread gardens of this luxury holiday villa are sure to give you one of the best mornings and evenings of your life.  

Love Sunbathing? Simply unwind outdoors and de-stress under the Costa Rican sunshine.   

Need to take a few laps? Dive into the gorgeous 50-foot infinity pool followed by a spiral jetted spa treatment. 

Security Concerns? Feel safe. Villa Firenze ensures your safety. The premises are secured by a high-tech Swiss Guard security system with cameras active 24 hours a day. 

Got any other questions? We’re here for you! or visit our FAQs page for commonly asked questions about Villa Firenze.  

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