Hotels Or Vacation Rentals? Which is a Better Deal for a Family Vacation in Costa Rica?

December 13, 2022
Carolina Barrientos Carolina Barrientos
Hotels Or Vacation Rentals? Which is a Better Deal for a Family Vacation in Costa Rica?

Not decided whether to stay in a hotel or a vacation rental while visiting Costa Rica yet? Well, it’s a tough choice. Both hotels and vacation rentals have different experiences to offer to visitors. However, choosing between a hotel and a vacation rental is one of the most critical aspects of planning a trip. This crucial decision will impact your choice of dining locations, adventure activities, and privacy throughout your stay.    

When it comes to a vacation rental vs. a hotel, at first glance, hotels may appear to be the better option, but vacation homes are the finest way to experience a pleasant and cost-effective family break.   

Let’s look at a few of the many benefits that Costa Rica vacation rentals provide to their visitors.  

1. Vacation Homes in Costa Rica Offer Great Value  

When you compare the cost of family-friendly amenities and concierge services you get in a vacation rental with the privacy and space offered by hotels, you’ll find that private vacation rentals offer excellent value. If you’re traveling with a large group of friends and family members, renting a spacious, luxury villa will make better sense than booking separate rooms in a hotel.    

In addition to delivering more value, renting a vacation home gives you more freedom regarding meal planning and cooking because you are not bound to have meals planned by the hotel or dine out. You can utilize the fully equipped kitchens available at vacation homes to prepare meals. Moreover, there is also a facility to hire a personal chef for your vacation. You can even ask the chef for menu customization.       

At Villa Firenze’s luxury villa rental, you get a private chef. We offer services and assistance from an experienced concierge, a full-fledged kitchen, a bar stocked with drinks of your choice, and complete privacy and security for you and your guests. Before booking, you can also discuss your needs, requirements, and vacation plans with the concierge, and we’ll take everything.              

2. Entertainment for the Whole Family  

Vacation home rentals with a view of the ocean, beach, or rainforest are a treat. Everybody gets the space to unwind after a full day of activities and adventure. Thanks to the private pools, hot tubs, patios, and game rooms at Villa Firenze in Costa Rica, visitors get all this and more – it’s a great family retreat.  

While the kids have fun in the pool or play their favorite games, the adults can relax in the outdoor clubhouse or hot tub and watch beautiful, colorful macaws flying overhead as they have their favorite drinks.    

When you book Villa Firenze, your stay will be undisturbed. The property and the surroundings are perfect for spending quality time with friends and family. Four luxurious suites, each combining privacy, comfort, and elegance, and the breathtaking views of the rainforest are indescribably stunning. Spending an evening on your balcony sipping Costa Rican coffee is no less than experiencing paradise.    

Villa Firenze is one of the villas in Costa Rica that offers an infinity pool, helipad, custom food menu, offroad tours, private picnics, and much more during your stay.   

So, if we compare vacation rentals vs. hotels in terms of entertainment and R&R activities, vacation rentals are the clear winners.     

3. Fantastic Location for Holidays   

Staying in a vacation rental villa is an excellent choice if you want to escape the ‘hustle culture’ while remaining close to popular tourist sites. Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches, lush forests, waterfalls, and volcanoes. And Villa Firenze is a short hop away from famous and picturesque beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, national parks, and volcanoes. So it’s a perfect choice.  

Electric buggies and a Jeep Rubicon are available for use to cover these short commutes to these tourist sites close to the villa in complete privacy.  

Moreover, there are other popular tourist locations accessible by helicopters, like Manuel Antonio National Park, Jaco Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Playa Flamingo, and Playa Hermosa, where you can have a more fun time with your friends and family. And with the on-site helipad, you and travel in style and privacy. You can ask our concierge to arrange a ride for you and your guests to visit these famous places in Costa Rica. The popular helicopter tours you can enjoy during your vacation are –  

  • Murcielago Island Tour 
  • Guanacaste Sunset Tour 
  • Witch´s Rock Surf Tour & Coastline Tour 
  • Rainforest & Poas Volcano Tour 
  • Island Tour: Isla Tortuga, Isla Chiquita 
  • Crocodiles Safari and Carara National Park Tour 
  • City Tour San Jose Central Valle 
  • Arenal Volcano Tour  

Although hotels can usually arrange your commutes, these are less exclusive than private rentals. If you stay in a hotel instead of a vacation home, you will need to rent out transportation ad-hoc. There are better situations in Costa Rica for an easy commute.      

So, when it comes to a villa vs. a hotel for ease of commute in Costa Rica, villa rentals win the race.        

4. Five-star Amenities, Plus Complete Privacy. 

During the peak tourist season, hotels are overcrowded with visitors, which means no soundproofing or peace. When traveling with children, your own private space becomes even more essential.  

Hotels are usually overcrowded, especially during the peak season, which can add frustration to your trip. However, private vacation homes like Villa Firenze are the best option. In addition to the peacefulness of a vacation rental, they provide all the amenities you are used to, such as:  

  • An Infinity Pool. 
  • A Private Chef. 
  • Concierge assistance. 
  • R&R room (Games Room & Indoor Golf Simulator). 
  • Outdoor Dining & BBQ. 
  • Private Helipad  

These amenities are essential for a relaxing, luxurious, and comfortable vacation. So, when discussing the amenities for comparing vacation rentals to hotels, vacation rentals get top marks.   


Now you know what to choose between a vacation rental and a hotel. So, next time when you are in Costa Rica for a vacation, book Villa Firenze as your accommodation and have the best experience of a luxurious, private, and secluded holiday.    

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