Things Not to do While Fishing in 


Costa Rica

Disregarding Fishing Regulations And Laws

Costa Rica's fishing laws safeguard marine ecosystems and diverse fish species; ignoring them jeopardizes legal penalties and the environment.

Overfishing And Taking Undersized Fish

Irresponsible fishing in Costa Rica imperils its diverse marine life amid global overfishing concerns.

Using Harmful Fishing Techniques

To protect marine life, understand and avoid harmful fishing techniques like dynamite fishing, bottom trawling, ghost fishing, illegal gillnets, and excessive FAD use.

Ignoring Local Culture And Customs

Respect Costa Rican fishing traditions, engage locals for insights, support the economy, and foster mutual learning for a memorable fishing experience.

Littering And Polluting

Anglers preserve Costa Rica's waters by minimizing marine pollution. Discard responsibly, use eco-friendly gear, and participate in clean-up efforts for a sustainable future.

Disturbing Coral Reefs And Ecosystems

Coral reefs are delicate ecosystems vital in maintaining marine biodiversity and protecting the coastline. As an angler, understanding the importance of preserving these reefs is essential.

Neglecting Safety Precautions

Stay safe while fishing in Costa Rica. Prioritize safety with gear, weather awareness, experienced captains, emergency preparedness, and risk mitigation for an exhilarating and secure fishing experience.

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